Didier Lockwood, France

Bodo Vosshenrich Neolin is a revelation, we dreamt of it, he made it !

Of course many violin purists will see in this instrument an insufferable  step backwards. 
How can one dare to put common frets on an instrument which has earned its great liberty of expression by getting rid of them ?

Violin playing is simply democratised !

There are many more violin players around, whose technique and intonation are approximate, than great concert violinists.  

Why shouldn’t we make this instrument accessible to everyone, to all those who would like to learn or to play the violin without hours and hours of playing tedious scales and practicing.

The Neolin represents a fantastical training for the beginner, as it allows to visualise and to understand the instrument much easier.

Besides the pedagogical principle the Neolin offers new opportunities, not only regarding the diversity of its sounds, but also with a view to the particular expressions conferred by the frets (very valuable for current music styles, for improvised as well as for baroque music).

Playing the Neolin will not at all change your violin technique, on the contrary, it will permit you to train your hearing and to play certain scales and modes that are very difficult to play on a traditional violin.

Moreover, it will permit you a good introduction to playing the mandolin !

Just try it out and play without restrictions !”


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