Neolin electroacoustic violin

The range of Neolin electroacoustic violins comes in three categories :
- Rubato, manufactured in small series in France with an innovative approach and modern characteristics;
- Espressivo, entirely handmade for advanced sound and aesthetic customization;
- Legato, an entry-level range with instruments prepared and optimized in our workshops for quality sound.
These ranges offer a variety of options and finishes to meet the unique needs of each musician, coming with buily-in pick-ups to enrich the musical experience.

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Electrolin electric violin

Violon électrique Electrolin

The Electrolin revolutionizes the world of electric violins by introducing a resonant body that vibrates without emitting sound, thus eliminating feedback for a rich and natural sound. This instrument also offers a new range of sounds with effects, offering interesting possibilities to various genres such as Blues, Rock, or Electronic, while retaining the sensations of a classical violin. Thanks to its innovative design, the Electrolin can also serve as a nearly silent practice instrument, offering unprecedented flexibility for musicians.

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New classical instruments

Fabrication de violon

Bodo Vosshenrich's instruments combine the DNA of German violin making with the French finesse of execution, offering exceptional sound quality in a variety of classical aesthetics, with varnishes ranging from coppery orange to reddish-brown. Among the models currently available, "La grosse Bertha" stands out for its inspiration from an Italian violin from 1928, displaying remarkable projection and harmonic richness. Other creations, such as "Madame La Marquise" and "Miss Piggy," reflect homage to the Cremonese masters, illustrating the talent and characteristic customization of the Vosshenrich workshop.

Musicians playing on master violin maker Bodo Vosshenrich's instruments

Ancient instruments

In our lutherie workshop, we specialize in the sale of restored antique string instruments in the mid-price range, offering an advantageous alternative to market prices through VAT exemption and careful evaluation against speculation. Our violins, selected for their sound and aesthetic quality, range from medio fino Mirecourts to a variety of signed instruments, available for those who prefer the old over the new. For information on our current offerings, including Marc Laberte violins and 5 string custom creations, we invite you to contact us directly.

Bespoke instruments and prototypes

Violons sur mesure et prototype

Since the year 2000, the passion for innovation and design has led to the creation of unique violins, marking the beginning of an endless creative exploration in lutherie. These twenty years have been characterized by the development of innovative instruments such as the Neolin-guitar and the Neoloncello, combining tradition and modern technology. Thanks to in-depth expertise and the use of cutting-edge technologies such as CAD and 3D printing, new possibilities are opening up to create personalized and avant-garde instruments.

5-string violins

Violons à 5 cordes

The 5-string violin, enriching the musical range, combines the sound range of violins and violas, offering a new playing possibilities. Its evolution, from the 18th century to its integration into modern genres like jazz or metal, reflects instrumental adaptation and innovation. Custom design of the 5-string violins, considering aspects such as soundbox-volume and body shape, allows for optimized sound quality, especially for amplified use..

5-string Neolin

Le violon Neolin à 5 cordes

The Neolin is now available in a 5-string version (5V2), offering a particularly well balanced low C string. This version allows for superior amplification and sound adjustment, making the fifth string a valuable addition. Furthermore, the Neolin's hybrid 4/5-string model allows for the addition of the low C string through an ingenious quick transformation system.

Violin with frets

Violon avec frettes

The hesitation of musicians between a fretted violin that allows for a variety of new playing styles and the desire to maintain freedom of expression with pure intervals and glissandos, the Neolin reinvents itself with a major innovation: two interchangeable fingerboards for the same instrument. This technical solution, both simple and ingenious, only requires slightly loosening the central strings to change the fingerboard, reinforced by carbon fiber rods to prevent any deformation.

Luthier in Aveyron / France, near Toulouse, Rodez and Albi

Luthier en Aveyron près de Toulouse, Albi et Rodez

Bodo Vosshenrich, master luthier, welcomes you to his workshop located in Lescure Jaoul, Aveyron, to discover a warm and bright workspace dedicated to luthiery, by appointment for personalized attention. The workshop offers instruments to try in a passionately renovated setting with precise acoustics.
To schedule an appointment, contact him at or via email, with the possibility of flexible arrangements outside of regular hours.

Innovation and design

The Neoloncello

That’s it, the first prototype of the Neolin’s Cello-version is finally born ! Some technical features:-built-in pick-up which makes it...

The Neolin Chorus

Je sais, ce n’est pas moi qui ai inventé le violon à cordes doublées. Mais il se trouve que ce principe, connu des guitares 12 cordes et autres...