Pedagogical advantages

The Neolin offers real advantages for beginners !

The Neolin has been presented to several violin teachers who are teaching different technics and methods. All of them have been enthousiastic about the Neolin’s potential as an instrument for beginners.

Maybe you are one of those who would like to learn playing the violin, but who are reluctant as you imagine a tide of wrong notes flooding through the house and annoying your family and neighbours?

The frets on the Neolin allow you to play in tune right from the start as they help you to get clean half tones and intervals, whether you press down the string on a fret or between two frets. Moreover, the fact that the player slightly feels the fret-contact under his finger indicates that he is in the right position.

You no longer have to worry too much about wrong notes, but you can concentrate on correct bow handling and movements, that are essential for achieving a good sound.

In the beginning several methods of violin-teaching in fact aim at dissociating the movements of the left and right arm, this means to learn seperatly the techniques of bowing and playing on the fingerboard with the left hand.

For example, based on the notorious, strict but efficient « russian method » the students have to play empty strings for months, so that they get used to the bow.

Do you hesitate to undertake the long and difficult enterprise of  learning the violin ?

If so, the Neolin may offer you a welcome shortcut and alternative by facilitating the learning of the left hand’s technique.

Thanks to the frets, the player (and his environment) hear the music in tune right from the start.

Thus playing is more fun, more beautiful and at the same time, it educates the ear of the person learning the violin to hear correctly.

This is especially important if the player wants to play on a classical violin (without frets) later.

The advanced player will also appreciate the frets for the position changes :

A frequent error is not to lift the fingers sufficiently from the strings in order to change positions. The result is rather a glissando than a swift and clean change. The frets oblige the player to lift the fingers as required.

Last but not least, we dare to state that learning to play the violin is more fun on the Neolin.

The student can experiment with the tremolo and pizzicato playing. He or she can learn melodies playing pizzicato first, which is easier for the beginner than playing with the bow.

Thus, he/she already has got an idea about the piece to learn and at the same time he/she practises two different techniques instead of one.

Playing in an ensemble, the Neolin opens up new horizons of accompanying, especially for playing chords like on a mandolin – You’ll probably never again view a violin-duo in the same way.

Although the student can work on a varied repertory within a short time playing the Neolin, the transition to the classical violin will be no problem at all. The bowing technique and the  reference points are the same on both instruments.

Nevertheless, all these advantages are offerd at no extra charge :

The Neolin’s price is comparable to that of a chinese student violin.

And now I invite you to learn about the Neolin’s many special features and to listen to the sound samples on the page « Neolin » !