To fret or not to fret ?

Several customers (or potential ones) are seduced by the possibilities offered by the frets on the Neolin. But at the same time, they don’t want to miss the possibility to play pure intervals (and not just temperated ones), micro-intervals and to do glissandos without giving to much though about finger-pressure and everything.

For those musicians, it used to be a hard choice between “frets or no frets”. (I never managed to sell 2 Neolins, one fretted and on fretless, to the same customer 🙁 .)

So here is the solution: The Neolin with 2 interchangeable fingerboards. The only thing to do to be able to change the fingerboard is to slightly slacken the 2 middle strings and to push them a bit to the outside.

To avoid a deformation or breaking of the neck once the fingerboard is off, the neck is reinvorced with two carbon fibre rods.

But let’s let some images speak:

Avec 315 Euros, cette option n’est pas donnée (beaucoup d’ajustements), mais c’est beaucoup moins cher qu’un deuxième Neolin, n’est-ce pas ?

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