Neolin ranges

The different ranges of the electro acoustic violin Neolin

The “Rubato” range

This is the well-known version produced in a small numbered series in our French workshop. The Neolins of the Rubato range are built in series of ten (+ frequently one or two prototypes per series) in choice tonewood of European origin. To speed up work without losing quality, the rough work is done by CNC machines, whereas the wood finish, varnish and setup are done manually.

The belly abandons the classical conception for a construction inspired by guitar-making. It is thinned and reinforced with cross-bracing, with a rather low arching. The result is a very powerful sound, well balanced, very responsive, easy to amplify… a sound often described as being “more modern”.

The Neolin of the Rubato range has wear-resistant resin-reinforced edges, tuning mechanics from Gotoh, ebony accessories, a first choice bridge with a special cut and is strung with Thomastik Superflexible (other strings on request).

A large choice of options and finishes will allow you to have your customized “Rubato” Neolin created. You are unique, why shouldn’t your instrument be ? You have the choice of 4 headstock models, between fretted or fretless versions, or a version with two interchangeable fingerboards, bridges with or without anti-mute, several varnishes from the most classical to the fanciest ones, etc… (check the complete list of options)

We have already built several prototypes on the base of the “Rubato” Neolin. For example:

We now also propose similar instruments in the Rubato ranfe on classical models !

The rubato range is sold with rectangular violin cases.
Prices from 2350 Euros. Further information on request.

The “Espressivo” range

These are the completely handmade high-end instruments for the professional player or the dedicated amateur. In this range, you’ll find your completely customized Neolin. That means that neither the model, nor the archings are that of the series model, but they are one-of-a-kind Neolins built to suit your individual acoustic and aesthetic ideas. In this range, you also find my classical instruments, designed instruments, and prototypes which are not on the basis of the “Rubato” Neolin or violin.

The instruments of the “Espressivo” range are built from first choice resonance wood of European origin and at least 20 years of seasoning. The only limits to their shapes and finishes are your imagination and the confines of the materials used.

Some exemples of instruments in the 3espressivo” range:

According to my customers, these instruments do not shy away from comparision to some of the finest pieces of contemporary violin making – concerning sound, workmanship and choice of materials – with added originality, new sounds and playing techniques and, last but not least – an electroacoustic design !

The Espressivo range is sold with a high quality violin case.

Prices: From 6900 Euros. Further information on request.

The “Legato” range

Lovely violins from the ¼ to 4/4, made in a little family-run workshop in China. All instruments from the Legato range are opened in my workshop, the thickness of the bellies is improved, taking advantage of my 16 years of professional experience to get the best sound possible, and a new bass bar is fitted. From the ¾, on customer request, the bellies are reworked in “Neolin style” (thinner and reinforced wit cross-bracing) for a more modern sound, more powerful, and very responsive. Also from the ¾ model, they are on request fitted with the built-in “boton” pick-up.

Fretting is possible – and recommended ! from the ¼ onwards. Moreover, all these instruments are fitted with either fine-tuning pegs by Wittner, or tuning mechanics by Gotoh. No more need of imprecise wooden pegs and clumsy fine-tuners on the tailpiece ! All the other accessories are from ebony, bridge and soundpost from first choice wood and cut, fitted and adjusted in our workshop. The Legato range is strung with “Pirastro Chromcor”, to guarantee durability and tuning with the frets.

This range exists with a beautiful oil vanish made in China, new or antiques, or with a customized finish made in France: transparent alcohol varnish, dripping, tattoos, Urushi…. The complete  list of options as for the Neolin is available. This is equally true for the options 4/5 string hybrid, 5-string and the anti-mute bridge.

The Legato are the entry-level to access the Neolin’s universe. They are made for those who are not yet big enough to play a Neolin, those who don’t have the money yet to buy one, or those particularly attached to the form of the classical violin. But don’t be mistaken: The Legato are entry level, but in no way are they “downmarket” ! They combine excellent workmanship, reworked and optimized sound components, innovative high quality equipment, and they offer a revolutionary and highly efficient approach of learning for the fretted version. If you find something better somewhere else, please tell us !

The Legato range is sold without bow or case, please inquire about options and availability.

Prices: From 1160 Euros. More information on request.