Chinese Instruments

Good Chinese instruments offer an excellent quality-price ratio, and additionally allow many Chinese people to escape poverty. I hardly ever have them in stock, but I can obtain anything you want on order.

Of course, when placing an order, the problem of not being able to try the instrument beforehand arises. But I assure you that, since I fully trust my supplier, who offers instruments from the highly reputable Kaiming company, if you also trust me, there will be no disappointment at the end!

The fact that I do not maintain a stock also allows me to offer Chinese-made instruments at interesting prices.

And then, saying Chinese does not necessarily mean industrial instruments that are all the same. I can very well order unvarnished instruments for you and make them into (very) unique objects. Example:

Chinese white cello from the “Kaiming” brand, varnished in “blonde” with a black streak on the back and top, 5 strings (low F), electro-acoustic with integrated “boton” pickup, 5 “gotoh” oil bath machines, anti-mute bridge, f-holes recut for the insertion of cork stoppers (optional) to block feedback during high powers.
If such a project interests you, do not hesitate to contact me!