Chris Garrick, UK


I was looking for a new violin, possibly a five string, but I wasn’t sure what exactly. The Neolin was a surprise. To me, it is half- violin and half-viola, with some really clever yet radical features. I was strick by its appearance at first: the Neolin I purchased only recently came painted in black and red, finished with the distinct Urushi Japanese lacquer and reshaped scroll and body resembling something Picasso or Dali would have created. I like the fact that the Neolin can be strung either as a four-string or a five-string instrument, to produce and enhance different effects. The Neolin features a discrete, hidden amplification pickup, but also sounds wonderfully warm and expressive as a purely acoustic instrument. In fact, I find the Neolin’s low end resonates as richly as a full-size viola.

Bodo Vosshenrich is a pioneering genius who is also incredibly attentive and responsive. My Neolin arrived fully tailored to my specifications and personal playing style. Delphine (my Neolin’s name) is set more like a regular violin, but it offers a different tone to my Maggini acoustic instrument – a tone better suited to Bebop, and certainly the fifith string would be great for playing in the range of the alto sax.

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