Emmanuel Chaput, France

I have been playing my Neolin for 6 months. I’m entirely satisfied with it. Being originally a piano player, I appreciate playing right or wrong – either you’re in tune or you are a halftone off-key !

I’m getting much more pleasure from making music instead of permanently trying to correct the sound without ever being satisfied. Beauty, power, originality – the Neolin leaves noone indifferent. I talk about it at every appropriate occasion, make amateur and professional musicians try it … but not too much as I became jealous 😉 I hope that this wil yield fruits.

All the remarks are positive:- The relation between quality, originality, price- the quality of the craftmanship- the tuning machines get the unanimity- everyone likes the design- the power is impressive

After all, the professional players – even if they pick up the Neolin instantaneously (I had exclusive concerts with the four seasons and weird arpeggio sessions…) – would not xhange their fretless fingerboards for the fretted one. They think that the instrument is “too much” in tune, the frets hamper their sensibility. But they have no more problems with correct intonation since long ago.

So far from me for a little testimony of a happy customer.

Emmanuel Chaput

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