Philippe Proix de “The Jambons”, France

It’s been for 6 months that I’m torturing the strings of this new instrument, playing in a “post punk” band Ze Jambons consisting of an electric bass, basic drums, a very distorted electric guitar, accordeon and myself (have a look on myspace to get an impression).

Before, I had an electric violin, but with all the noise my collegues are making, it was difficult to stay in tune, especially with my beginners level. No more stress now, the Neolin plays in tune, and that’s a great comfort for me. Like this I can fully concentrate on the bow technique, play more difficlult things than before, play chords to accompany, etc.

Bodo incorportated a pick-up into my Neolin and I’m satisfied with it, although the top would be an electric violin like the Neolin.

Played acoustically, I like it’s power and it’s particular timbre. It’s really an original instrument which gives people like me, who neither have an outstandig technique nor an excellent hearing to benefit from the sound of the violon, which is so interesting for any kinds of music !

To try one is to want one !

Philippe Proix from The Jambons

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