Franck Lopez, France

May I introduce myself to you? My name is Franck Lopez, professional musician and guitarist, violin player, background vocals. I am also a composer of documentary film scores and a music teacher. I have been playing the violin for about 15 years (diploma of the academy of music) and I still use the violin based on several configurations: For classic and modern concerts, i.e. either for open air concerts or in concert halls equipped with sound amplifiers.

So far I played a violin dating from the end of the 19th century, of very beautiful workmanship with an excellent sound and a superb bow.

It goes without saying that the precision of a violin depends on the number of working hours that had been invested per day, and last but not least on the builder’s spirits at the time of making it. This fact incited me to think about a precise violin or at least a violin allowing me to play without caring about precision all the time while I was playing.

Then I came across the “Neolin” website and decided to call Mr Vosshenrich to obtain more detailed information. We started a very interesting discussion. He was a really cool guy, I had a good feeling and we decided to meet each other.

Now I am standing in front of 4 beautiful Neolins, and after a pleasant one-hour chat with Bodo I choose a Neolin and go home to make a detailed test.

The Neolin is a unique violin (down to the smallest details such as its sugared smell, like honey, fabulous). Bodo recommends 10 mns of adaptation – the first approach is indeed surprising but you quickly get used to it. The secret is to play just in front of the fret to touch it and you will be surprised about the precision, the sound is deep, powerful, somewhat insinuating and very round.

This instrument is a jewel. I am very glad with it and every time when I use it I am sure to have made the perfect choice (by the way, I have thought about reselling my traditional violin).

In addition the use of the machine heads is extremely easy.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me under:

During the 2008 tour which recently came to its end the NEOLIN behaved excellently. No problems despite the temperature and weather changes.

It did not move at all, the tuning remained unchanged and it easily kept up a good 4-hour concert.

So I have not changed my opinion and am still very glad about my purchase.


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