Instrument rental

I offer instruments of various sizes for rent, including the Neolin. I do not work with low-end Asian or Eastern European manufactured instruments (there are already enough doing that). Instead, I offer revised antique instruments, mostly of French or German origin, which are distinguished by a much less aggressive sound and also a more pleasant appearance. Although I do not have many instruments available, if you notify me a few weeks in advance, I can very likely find and if necessary refurbish an instrument in the size you are looking for. The prices range from 15 Euros per month for the simplest instruments, up to 50 Euros for superior craftsmanship pieces. The rental is payable quarterly, with any overpayment during a mid-quarter termination refunded by check.

I ask a deposit check covering the value of the instrument, bow, and case, which will not be cashed, as well as a copy of an identification document. For all superior quality rental instruments, you have the option to deduct up to 2 quarters of rent from the price when you purchase the instrument.

Do not hesitate to let me know your requests using the form below. Thank you.